Blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption didn’t happen overnight. Of course it takes time for people to see all the benefits of the new technology. And also it takes time to plan and see how a new technology can benefit a particular business and fulfill its needs. In this article we will share some interesting data with regards to the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain in education. Which in turn could have a big impact on their adoption in the future.

Research Results

Qriously conducted recently a research to gain an insight into how crypto is impacting university students. The research showed that cryptocurrency popularity is on the rise nowadays. If you are interested in details: 42 percent of the world’s top 50 universities have one course on crypto or blockchain as a minimum. And this is across different departments.

Therefore blockchain education popularization promises that more people will enter the industry. And they will be knowledgable and skilled, which in itself brings a lot of benefits. Do not forget that this boom within blockchain and cryptocurrency education is happening not just in the United States, but worldwide.

Another important area is investment. And knowing that people now get education on blockchain and crypto, one can tell that most likely they will invest in the future.

Huge amount of info to study

The courses aren’t just offering the basics about Bitcoin or any other currency.  Instead they are teaching very detailed studies on different areas. For example, a business course on blockchain and its security features. Another examples are information-security classes focused on secure computing systems, cryptocurrencies, cryptography, blockchain, and related economics, ethics, and legal issues.

Is blockchain really important?

First of all by making sure that people are educated on the technology and the industry, we are ensuring that there will be a population of ‘crypto ready’ people. People ready to make the best out of the technology and able to teach the next generation.

University professors say about potential for wide-ranging impact on our life in future. The maturation of blockchain and cryptocurrency and their adoption by businesses and other groups over the last few years absolutely prove this point of view. And that is why universities address this.

Nowadays we can observe the process of institutionalizing cryptocurrencies and blockchain. And in these conditions education becomes a key to a successful career within the blockchain industry.


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