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Combating Post-Pandemic Social Engineering

From the earliest days of COVID-19, cybercrooks tapped fear, uncertainty and doubt to scam people and businesses with social engineering. What’s that? Loosely defined, it’s an array of manipulation tactics hackers use to acquire information […]

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Network Security: What Are The 4 Most Likely Cyberattacks And What To Do About Them

Security Networking services are designed to protect internal company infrastructures and connected devices from undesired access, mishandling, and attacks.  There are three components of network security: hardware, software, and cloud services. A company’s network security strategy hopefully […]

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5 Ways to Avoid an Ex-Staffers’ Wrath

The moment current employees become ex-employees they become a potential security threat. Depending on the circumstances of the separation, most simply move on without incident. Operative word: most. To safeguard against the fraction of those […]

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4 Ways to Shore-Up Remote-Worker Security

Most businesses have employees who work remotely. But as their numbers increase, so too do the security risks. To safeguard their data (and yours) against a devastating cyberattack, we recommend giving remote workers the tools, […]

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TeamLogicIT Plano Provides Outstanding IT Services in Dallas

Business is about people. They shape the culture, products and services of every company, making each unique. Technology runs behind the scenes and gives businesses their hopes, dreams and aspirations to be successful.  Technology is […]

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