“Tightly Aligned” Cybersecurity Training

In today’s expanding remote working environment, it’s not surprising that employees often make cybersecurity missteps. Consider these disturbing findings from Stanford University’s recent “The Psychology of Human Error” report:

  • 43% of employees have made mistakes that compromised their company’s cybersecurity posture.
  • 43% have fallen victim to phishing scams.

As IT security executive Daniel Clayton explained in a recent Toolbox interview, employees at all levels are “increasingly using devices that are out of the bounds of security teams, and this could sometimes lead to unintended data exposure, breach or loss.”
“In the past we could be loosely aligned, but highly governed,” Clayton elaborated. Today, we must be tightly aligned as we are governed less stringently.”

But how do you “tightly” align your organization’s cybersecurity posture? Here are three training tips gleaned from the Toolbox article:

  • Train from “executive to endpoint”
  • Train as standard operating procedure
  • Train for all-around diligence

“Include cyber awareness in orientation, onboarding and the annual calendar to encourage employees to think about how their actions relate to cybersecurity,” said cybersecurity software executive James Carnall.“As threat actors are constantly innovating their way around detection tools, spread-thin security teams simply can’t stay on top of every threat that impacts a distributed workforce,” said management consultant Becky Robertson.

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