From the earliest days of COVID-19, cybercrooks tapped fear, uncertainty and doubt to scam people and businesses with social engineering. What’s that? Loosely defined, it’s an array of manipulation tactics hackers use to acquire information to commit various crimes and frauds.

One common technique aimed at businesses is ransomware. In short, malefactors obtain cyber credentials through social engineering, penetrate private networks and plant malicious software that restricts access to proprietary data. If the victimized firm doesn’t pay some form of “ransom,” perpetrators threaten to publish or destroy the information.

No surprise ransomware has been rapidly rising during the past year. So, how do you thwart ransomware and other social engineering methods? Here are three keys to protecting your company:

  1. Educate Yourself: Because cybercrime has been escalating steadily for more than a decade – long before the pandemic period – a wealth of information is available detailing social engineering tactics and ways to detect, deflect and disrupt them. Not in highly technical terms, either. Many professional societies, business communities and industry associations offer explanations in relatable terms, with practical, pragmatic instructions for defense.
  2. Educate Your Organization: The plethora of counsel indicated above is shared easily via the Internet and intranets. But occasionally forwarding great articles is no substitute for a deliberate campaign to raise awareness within your organization coupled with a formal training program for employees.
  3. Enlist Support: TeamLogic IT Plano has the expertise to accelerate and simplify your cybersecurity education process.

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