In an article entitled, “Cyber Insecurity Plagues Small Businesses” on October 23, 2019 from the TeamLogicIT Corporate website, there are many challenges facing small to medium size businesses. summarized the following three cybersecurity challenges.

The first challenge is the lack of modern infrastructure.  Hackers recognize that small companies have smaller IT budgets and therefore know spending allocated to strengthen their defenses will be minimal.

The second challenge is the risk of “bring your own device” to work.  With flex hours allowing employees to work at home or offsite, many of the devices may lack adequate levels of security and encryption as they log into company networks.

The third challenge is insider threats.  These threats may include careless workers who ignore security policies; misuse of data; installing unauthorized applications; disgruntled employees taking revenge by disrupting operations or stealing sensitive information; or inside agents recruited by outsiders to tamper with company data. suggests that small to medium size businesses can resolve some of these challenges by emphasizing security training and cyber security awareness; look into predictive security methods based on AI and machine learning; take advantage of cyber insurance to mitigate losses due to data breach and liability claims; and partnering with experts in the field like TeamLogic IT Plano.