Have you ever thought about how your Dallas business etiquette, or lack thereof, influences your prosperity?


Dallas business emails

First impressions are crucial and a professional e-mail address should top your list of important items. Your e-mail address creates an immediate impression with your customers, whether it is good or bad. Have you ever stopped to look at your email address?  What is your address saying about your business?

Dallas Business communication IS business. This is especially important because e-mails are subject to legal discovery and are potentially admissible in court. A professional tone should exist in both company letterhead and e-mail communications.

Furthermore most employees in Dallas business don’t worry about the virtually limitless reach of e-mail and are largely undisciplined when it comes to the appropriateness of using e-mail. One encompassing truth is that e-mails are not private and should convey a certain degree of formality.

Moreover if you use a free e-mail service for your Dallas business, you are unprofessional — or at least a novice. Keep in mind that most people recognize that these services are free and, from a customer’s perspective, using a free service makes a statement about you. For this reason if you are serious, you should invest the relatively small fee to get a professional e-mail address set up for your company (generally less than $10/month).

To improve etiquette

First of all, carefully consider CC and BCC recipients. As a matter of fact do not forward e-mail unnecessarily. There is a real cost associated with lost productivity from sorting through unnecessary e-mail.

Of course always review before sending to ensure that the content is appropriate, grammatically correct, and spell checked.

Then remind employees that their e-mails are not private and are subject to review by management and potential legal discovery. Adopt an acceptable usage policy.

Not to mention that deleted e-mail does not necessarily go away forever. E-mail servers keep copies of e-mail for varying amounts of time.


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