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Dallas managed IT services learned priceless lessons from huge cyber attacks of 2017, and especially the one that was announced in September. The critical impact of these incidents teaches us how to avoid the mistakes in future.

One thing is certain – each company should adequately fund its cybersecurity program.

Vulnerability detection and the following action

From the details regarding the biggest data breach of 2017 we know that the company did know its vulnerability. It got a report from IT department and the plan to act on it. But it never did.

What this is telling to us: every company should get security vulnerability report on a regular basis. Managed IT services recommend to do it at least every 6 month in Dallas. Each vulnerability detected is important in some level and should get appropriate actions to prevent risks.

Revising all the processes in all the systems

As it happened to many successful companies that got data breaches, any systems can fail. For example, a control system, or a reporting system. And even though other components function well there can be a total security crash.

The lesson is: make sure every system is working properly every day. Strengthen protection in case any component is suffering at the moment.

Inevitability of cyber attacks

Law offices and dental clinics, chiropractic specialists and  accountants, insurance companies and real estate agencies – all the companies have a data base. Of course the amount of data and its specifics, and importance may very. But all the data is sensitive. Consequently, it is potentially vulnerable. It is attractive for hackers who want to perform credit card fraud, insurance fraud, or identity theft.

Proactive approach is the only successful approach to cybersecurity. And it proved to be helpful against these inevitable attackers.

Dallas managed IT services prefer double check

The most common approach that managed IT services like to use is that of double checking. The organizations that are in high risk should run a second vulnerability scanning. It serves as a “double check” and is essential. It guarantees that IT specialists will identify, categorize, inventory, and remediate each security vulnerability.

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