New information technology in Dallas is evolving a lot lately. And it comes into every level of the economy. It is definitely going to affect your business. So, it’s better for you to think about how you can benefit.


Vocal Interfaces

Probably you know about special features in websites’ navigation that help people with disabilities. So, let’s say, a blind person can navigate with voice commands. The same idea got popularity in the whole Internet of things.

Vocal interfaces become more and more popular. And professionals predict that this trend of screen less browsing will occupy about 30% of web browsing by 2020. Because people like to call Siri, Alexa, or Ok Google for assistance.

Why are vocal interfaces getting so popular? Well, because you can perform many other things at the same time. As you don’t use eyes, hands or feet to interact with Alexa.

In terms of your business you should think about screen less applications for your company as well.

Augmented Reality

You can be creative in terms of where and how to use this technology. But more and more people in retail businesses use AR-driven applications. It definitely enhances their customers shopping experiences.

For example, a furniture store may use a smartphone app that simulates their products inside your apartment. Isn’t it funny to see how it looks like before buying it. Of course, it is. To tell you more, it is funny even if you are not going to buy this particular thing.

People implement augmented reality into day-to-day business environments in different ways. It depends on how creative you are to be able to visualize data so that it will benefit your company.

Wearable Devices

There are many mobile devices out there. You can see more and more people wearing fitness bands, smartwatches, and even dogs wearing fitness collars. All these gadgets easily send data through Wi-Fi and you can monitor it.

Although, to date, there are some concerns about the cybersecurity risks. Just as we mentioned in our article about what hackers can do.

How to Benefit from Information Technology in Dallas

An interesting thing is that even employers can benefit from these trends. Let’s take fitness trackers as an example. Workers can decrease their healthcare costs. Employer can manage the costs of group plans. Have you ever thought of wearable devices in terms of business? Well, probably, you should.

To implement information technology in Dallas contact your Technology Advisor.

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