Recent studies reinforce the link between office productivity and timely IT support.

Per research shared by CIO Dive, about half of 2,000 U.S.-based office professionals report that, lately, they are waiting about three hours for IT issues to be resolved. Nearly a quarter of those surveyed also connected “poor performing or broken IT equipment” to a loss of productivity.

Is this finding related to the pandemic-inspired swell in the remote workforce?

Could be, as hybrid work environments – i.e., part of the workforce operating in company facilities and part working from remote locations – complicate the delivery of IT services. For example, the tech support team has fewer hands-on options. If a laptop or smartphone needs a part swapped, remote workers must ship or deliver those devices to service agents themselves.

But the issue transcends hardware, as research from the IT trade association CompTIA suggests. As technologies become progressively more sophisticated, helpdesk technicians require access to an increasingly sophisticated and broader set of skills.

CompTIA’s latest study shows rising demand for support solving today’s technological challenges:

  1. Cloud Services – 57% of business professionals polled say there’s higher demand for support.
  2. Cybersecurity – 70% see increasing needs.
  3. Disaster Recovery – 52% want more help with back-up data, returning to normal operations more quickly and other services related to business continuity.

We have deep technical expertise in each of those critical areas.

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