Managed Services

As an IT managed services provider in Dallas and Plano, we pay close attention to research conducted by CompTIA.  It is the world’s leading IT association. So, when CompTIA recently released an infographic based on their research team’s 2018 Industry Outlook Report, we took notice. The piece cites “essential stats” from the report that serve as a “roadmap to understanding the ongoing impact of technology on the business world in this transformative time.”

managed services

And we reviewed those stats. Seven of them that make a compelling argument for working with an IT Managed Services Provider (MSP). Especially for small to mid-size businesses (SMBs). Here they are, with our spin on the matter:

  • Don’t go it Alone – In terms of business technology, going it alone is risky. Five CompTIA stats explain why:
    • “IT Spend is Up and Rising – Global IT spend is projected to exceed $4.8 trillion in 2018, with 31%– 1.5 trillion – of that spending happening in the U.S.”
    • “The Business of Tech is Getting More Complex – 45% of tech businesses have gotten more complex in the past two years.”
    • “The Bottom Line Speaks the Loudest – 45% of organizations polled list the ROI of new technology as being the primary challenge in making progress with technology.”
    • “Knowing What to Do with Data is Essential –– 90 percent of all digital data currently in existence has been created in the past two years.”
    • “Machine Learning Has Arrived –– 92 percent of respondents say machine learning is the most likely emerging business tech in the next four years.”

Questions to ask

It is a time when businesses of all shapes and sizes face the greatest pressure to generate the highest value from technology. This pursuit has higher stakes and is more challenging than ever before. So, SMB leaders must consider some critical questions:

  • How much must our business invest in new technologies?
  • Which of these new technologies will benefit our business most?
  • And how can we refine and implement these technologies faster than our competitors?
  • Get the help you need, when you need it. Leaning on technology expertise outside your organization to help answer these questions is a growing trend with positive implications. Two CompTIA stats that support this premise:
  • “Services Largest Segment of U.S. Tech – 31% of the U.S. IT market is made up by IT services.”
  • SMB Partnering Has a Growth Opportunity— 75 percent of SMBs use tech partners in a given year; 23 percent are frequent users.”
  • Do Your Homework – We’re ready to help you. Tap our library of posts to identify an IT MSP that fits your business best.