Poor Network Security Dallas

Many people underestimate what a hacker can do once he gets an access to your Wi-Fi if your business has poor network security in Dallas. Some of potential malicious impacts include the following:

Intrusion into private Wi-Fi networks

The easiest way for a hacker is when he accesses the list of Wi-Fi credentials from mobile devices. Intervention allows to carry a lot of malicious activities on the network. For example, installing malware on the network and scanning the network to obtain confidential information or security vulnerabilities.

Currently, many organizations accept BEOD – “Bring your own device”. So, they provide access to corporate Wi-Fi to their employees’ personal devices. But, that devices do not have strict corporate control. As a result, vulnerabilities can become a serious security threat for companies using BYOD schemes.

All Wi-Fi networks that require a key security pass (WPA / WPA2-PSK) or a user name and password (WPA / WPA2-802.1x) may suffer. That is why the safest way to organize Wi-Fi network is to install one that requires digital certificates.  It can have SIM-based authentication as well (WPA / WPA2-802.1x). Such networks are potentially safe for intrusions.

Session hijacking on secured WiFi networks

Loosing a combination of username and password WiFi credentials can be even more damaging compared to loosing a common security phrase shared between all the members of the company. An attacker can stall all the private encrypted WiFi communications happening over the associated WiFi network. Then he can decode the same.

Decoded traffic can potentially reveal browser cookies. So, a hacker can potentially hijack an authorized user’s web session. Enough threats for you to start getting worried, right?

What’s more? Man-In-the-Middle attack! This attack can hurt the users because of a leakage of confidential data or malware implantation.

Poor network security in Dallas and loss of personal information

Dallas area is a home for thousands of companies which consider their network to be protected. Nevertheless many businesses get significant damage due to loss of personal information.

You probably know that while working, traveling or visiting various public places people often use WiFi hotspots. And many Wi-Fi hotspots contain the identification of their location in the SSID. So the loss of Wi-Fi credentials can potentially reveal more information about the user to third parties, such as company name, travel locations, etc. Obviously, personal information may motivate crimes.

Now that you see how many options hackers have, it is clear that vulnerability detection is very important from the point of view of user security. Have any concerns? You can always rely on professionals from TeamLogic IT to get you business network safe and secured in Dallas area.

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