THIS IS NATIONAL CYBER SECURITY AWARENESS MONTH!  In an article by Douglas Bonderud of Security Intelligence on October 1, 2019, he writes about the key trends, threats, and themes for 2019.

The key trends consist of lack of staff and abundance of risk.

Top threats include phishing, insecure APIs, lacking data defense, misconfigured clouds, and insider threats.

There are three themes which focus around Own It, Secure It, and Protect It.  Own It is taking responsibility for IT security at all levels from social media to privacy settings, to application use.  Secure It is taking steps to secure IT behaviors and limit attacker success by promoting better passphrases, factoring in better authentication, and teaching users to spot the hook.  Protect It is taking action to protect both device and data collections across the company by regular security updates, Wi-Fi safety training/technology, and secure data handling practices.

This is a great article worth the read.