Protecting your business from cyberattacks is critical!  In an article written by Michael Dehoyos entitled, “10 Ways to Remain Vigilant Against Cyberattacks,” from U.S. Cybersecurity Magazine on August 21, 2019, he lists the following:

  1.  Do not take chances with passwords.  Change passwords regularly and do not replicate the same passwords for all accounts.  Use numbers, letters, and symbols of seven or more digits.
  2. Employ multi-factor authentication practices.  Aside from strong passwords, employ a two step process which includes some sort of biometric recognition fingerprint scanner.
  3. Be vigilant with email.  Email is still the most effective way for hackers to attack your business.  Have a secure email account that utilizes approved spam and malware filters.  Be aware of unknown senders and opening up unrecognized files.
  4. Do not click on unknown links.  
  5. Use antivirus software.
  6. Backup your data.  Regularly backup your data either to the Cloud or an external hard drive for this will secure data in the event of a cyberattacks.
  7. Regularly clear browsing history and cookies.
  8. Use Virtual Private Network (VPNs).
  9. Do not leave accounts open.
  10. Educate yourself and your employees.  Keep up with the newest scams and cyberattacks.  Follow best practices as recommended by professionals and digital specialists.