With break fix, IT services are called only when there is a problem.  Services are performed and the customer is billed when work completed.

A few concerns with break fix are that there are no preventative measures included.  There may be hidden threats as an IT person is not monitoring the system and may result in serious damage.  Without a history working with a new system, it may take longer time to identify and resolve the problem, plus there is no incentive to fix the issues in a timely, efficient manner.  Also, the business may experience some issues without finding the root of the problem.  Finally, waiting for IT service because of demand and availability will result in downtime thus causing the business lower productivity and unpredictable costs.

Managed IT is when a business customer pays a fixed amount for services covered in an agreed upon plan.  Additional fees are charged for repairs or other work if it is not included in the plan.  The benefits of Managed IT encompass services that are proactive, preventative, and responsive.  Thus there is reduced risk, maximized productivity, improved customer service, qualified and reliable technicians, and saved revenue.

Managed IT Plano is far better than Break Fix.