For many business leaders, the sudden transition to a distributed workforce–and all the supplementary challenges that accompanied it–at least highlighted gaps and opportunities in existing IT infrastructure. With 2021 just around the corner, these reminders of how even simple upgrades can improve your position might have a place in your team’s New-Year IT planning. Replacing outdated assets can, for example, help you: 

1) Strengthen Security. From the network to the VPN to your PCs’ operating systems, the older the solution, the more vulnerable it is to compromise, crashing and data loss (looking at you Windows 7 hangers-on).

2) Boost Productivity. Time is money, even in the smallest company. Upgrading systems, automating processes, and improving collaboration and/or customer-data access, can empower users to work more efficiently and to improve customer service. 

3) Eliminate Incompatibilities. Clinging to older legacy systems can be a costly, frustrating time-suck that may only get worse. It might be better in the long run to phase in replacement technologies, as time and budget permit.

4) Prepare for the Future. In many industries, the COVID pandemic has accelerated digital transformation. Upgrading certain technologies now can prepare businesses for future growth and expansion. Upgrades can also support compliance with emerging data storage and security mandates. 

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