No matter how vigilant your team may be, motivated intruders will find ways to evade your defenses and penetrate enterprise networks. Weakly guarded endpoints, unpatched servers, and careless mobile users are favored targets. But there’s another easily exploitable vector that some security-savvy companies often overlook: the shared printing environment. Print industry research firm, Quocirca conducted a study of large enterprises and 61% admit to suffering at least one printer-related breach. You can reduce enterprise vulnerabilities by minding these critical areas.

  1. Data capture–multifunction printers are essentially data hubs for sensitive documents, which adept hackers can capture and reroute to an offsite location.
  2. Network connectivity–print-jobs sent via compromised networks may be intercepted and stolen.
  3. Blindspots in monitoring–excluding just one printer from your gaze can expose the entire enterprise.
  4. The output tray–unretrieved documents are a common source of unintentional loss.

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