Business Continuity Dallas

If you plan for success you need to consider your business continuity in Dallas.

First of all, what is business continuity? It refers to the processes and procedures a company should take to operate in case of serious incidents or disasters. So, if you have a good business continuity plan you will be able to recover to an operational state within a reasonably short period.

As we described in one of our articles there are many risks that will bring your plan in action. But what should you consider as influencing factors?

The influence of industry and size on your business continuity in Dallas.

You need to take into consideration the peculiarities of your industry and working processes. Do you provide services or products? How do the customers use your website? You can calculate how much revenue would you lose per hour, if your business was off line. Will your inventory lose value if your warehouse is down? Will your reputation suffer if your customers’ accounts are hacked? Of course, the costs are different for each company.

Human influence on your business continuity in Dallas.

You are going to save a lot of money if you consider humans while preparing your  business continuity plan. Make sure your employees are trained and understanding policy. Safe evacuation during a disaster, access to core communications and collaborations applications (email, network, file sharing). For you to save money your employees should be productive even during business interruption.

Test influence on your business continuity in Dallas.

If you don’t run tests you are not going to have a reliable plan. You need to prove how well is your business likely to perform in the event of an emergency. The tests can be paper-based but you really need them any way.

Run some calls to prove that the key contacts and phone numbers in your plan are correct.

Remember to update your plan regularly to include any business changes influence. For example, if you are relocating you could have completely different risks.

In conclusion, you should remember to test your plan regularly regardless of having or not having any changes.

To get better result, let professionals take care of your business continuity in Dallas.


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