Recent trends in managed IT Services are generated by sales and marketing requirements in Dallas.

1. HIPAA Compliance in Managed IT Services in Dallas

Many IT companies are trying to orient around HIPAA compliance and internal threat detection. Watch our video on HIPAA Compliance for details:

2. Cloud.

More and more services and applications are moving to the cloud via hosted email and online backup. Of course, this reduces revenue for IT companies as more customers go direct. Consequently, the price is going down for customers.

3. Cybersecurity.

This is not a new trend, rather a very sustainable one. Cybersecurity is a bit unique amongst other items as it is a huge opportunity and a huge risk at the same time. A client with serious security concerns is a client looking for a top-level solution provider. Because they need robust security measures to protect all their data. Smart managed services providers are thus offering the solutions that help their clients comply with industry and government regulations.

4. Managed IT Services Business Model is Maturing in Dallas.

Most managed IT services providers have been in business for at least 3 to 5 years. Consequently, such companies have a priority over those who just started. Unexperienced firms probably have to concentrate on simple break-fix or get pushed out of the business.

TeamLogic IT has more than 10 years of successful operating. You can always hire TeamLogic IT in Plano as a reliable IT service provider in Dallas and Plano area.

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