In an article by Isabel Gaylord from US Cybersecurity Magazine on October 30, 2019 entitled, “13 Dangers of Cloud-Hosted Data”, she writes that it is critical for companies not to choose a cheaper, mediocre service but one that has proven itself over time and has trust among its customers.

The 13 dangers associated with cloud based hosting include the following:

  1. Consumer visibility and control
  2. Simplified unauthorized use
  3. Cloud data may be compromised
  4. Exploitation of software vulnerabilities
  5. Deleting data is complex
  6. Risk of stolen credentials
  7. Vendor lock-in
  8. CSP’s tend to strain IT operations
  9. Abuse of resources
  10. Risk of losing data
  11. Compromise of supply chain
  12. Lack of due diligence
  13. Accountability and cybersecurity

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