In a business, human error is one of the top causes of system failure.  Why?  Lack of education and training.

TeamLogic IT Plano recommends training your staff on best practice security policies, protocols, and what to look for to protect your business from breach and exposure.  Some of these should include:

  1.  Establish a baseline.  Which means get the best picture or take a needs assessment on the company’s security awareness before implementing any new plan or program.
  2. Focus on changing behavior. Awareness training is really about modifying behavior.
  3. Make training fun or at least enjoyable otherwise employees will quickly tune out and your training investment in improving security will be lost or ineffective.
  4. Do not punish mistakes. Unless really egregious, employees will not participate in the process if they are not free to make mistakes and share experiences openly with peers, colleagues, and the security team.

From the TeamLogicIT Corporate Website on October 30, 2019 entitled, “Security Awareness Training Tips for 2020”.