Data Backup_2020Data loss can be a big problem for a small business, especially since there are so many ways it can happen. Laptop theft, accidental deletion, hijacking by malware, and, of course, hack attacks. Another leading cause of data loss and downtime is hard drive crashes, as more than 140,000 drives fail each week in the US alone, according to industry sources. Any one of these challenges makes a compelling case for prioritizing data backups. Yet, many companies struggle to regularly and completely back up data that can also be recovered quickly. Choosing the service/solution that specifically fits your needs can help alleviate these problems and reduce the associated risks. Choices include:

#1) Onsite backups. Through local image backups, your operating system, applications and databases are saved to a server or other onsite backup hardware, making for quicker data recovery.

#2) Offsite backups. As the name suggests, information is stored safely elsewhere, at another site or in the cloud, to avoid loss in the event of an onsite/facility disaster.

#3) Hybrid backup services. This option combines the benefits of both onsite and offsite backups to increase flexibility during difficult recovery scenarios, including restoring users in remote locations. The stakes for losing data are high for small companies, who stand to lose $8,000 per hour of downtime, according to Datto.

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