Do you know that about 40% of companies do not re-open after a disaster? If you are looking for the best disaster recovery services in Dallas you need to dedicate some time. Read reviews for our company as well.


But in the end, before you make any decision check the following information:

How Big is Your Company?

If your organization is small third-party providers are the best option for you. Because it’s really difficult to allocate human resources and budget for such enterprise as disaster recovery. Outsourced companies will more than pay back your investment. They will give you peace of mind and guaranteed protection.

For bigger companies, we usually recommend assigning at list 1 or 2 specialists from their staff. So that they can take care of business continuity planning and actual data backup. That is to make you understand how important it is to keep your files save.

Collect Your Requirements for Disaster Recovery Services in Dallas

Make sure that the service you purchase gives you what you want. Put down everything you want backed up. Think how much space you need for that. The rule of thumb is to cover all the machines you have in the office.

We recommend updating information from all your machines frequently. But it’s your decision how often it should happen. Depending on what kind of information you store it can be hourly, daily, weekly, monthly… It also depends on how often you change your data.

Then decide on what kind of customer support you are expecting from a future provider. Take into consideration any risks for your business and go from there.

Our user review can give you understanding on what real users experience with our disaster recovery services in Dallas.

Keep in mind that even though your company may survive after outage it will cost your business a lot of money. Avoid unnecessary costs by taking preventative measures.

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