Augmented reality in Dallas gains more and more popularity as an influential form of digital content for businesses. People are not ready to give their attention any more, unless they are involved with video content. That is why VR, AR and 360-degree videos are great. Dallas businesses use them for showcasing a virtual tour of their companies or preview their services and products.


As we described in one of our previous posts augmented reality in Dallas is one of the most rapidly growing technologies. And you can see it everywhere from social media filters on a website to operation room in a hospital. AR brings virtual world things, into our real world. So, we begin to feel, hear, and see them as if they are real.

Virtual Reality (VR) requires you to use an entirely virtual environment. Whereas augmented reality uses your real environment but simply puts a layer of virtual information on top of it.

Probably you didn’t know, but image recognition (for example, with QR code), location-based or GBS-based technologies, superimposition-based applications, and projection-based technologies are all the different types of AR.

How Augmented Reality devices work

People can display Augmented Reality on many devices, from screens and monitors, to smartphones and glasses. Glasses and head-up displays (HUD) put AR onto your face. Technologies continue to improve. Very soon augmented reality devices will require less hardware. You will be able to see it even through contact lenses and virtual displays.

It’s easy to control AR devices by touching a pad or giving voice commands.

Who uses Augmented Reality in Dallas

Nowadays people apply augmented reality to almost all business fields. Here we give you just an idea of what it is.


Healthcare field is a great example of augmented reality in use. This relatively new technology provides immense advantages to both patients and healthcare professionals. For example, a doctor with AR glasses is able to instantly access patient’s digital information without have to log into a computer. While doing a surgery a doctor can see interfaces to operating room medical devices. He may get graphical guidance, he can video record the procedure, etc.

Constructing, architecture, home design

You probably saw some VR applications that constructing companies adore, for example SmartReality App. They allow to see 3D models of blueprints and paper plans. Such 3D modeling software helps to see the entire construction design. But you will probably be more interested in interior home design to improve your living. That is where augmented reality comes into place. The easiest way is to download Ikea application and see how their products will look like inside your home or apartment. Isn’t it cool?


Just as an example we can mention DHL company which is using an AR program allowing the workers to easily perform their duties. AR glasses give them directions to the correct aisle and shelf for their assigned packages. Can you imagine how this hardware has increased their productivity so far?

As you can see technology affects businesses. Nowadays a company should be technology friendly in order to be successful. Get help from IT professionals to find the best technology that will best serve your business needs and bring value.

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