How to Dispose Old Computer

Don’t know how to dispose old computer equipment in Dallas? Are you planning to get a new desktop or more convenient laptop for your office? Did you already get it? Congratulations! Improving both employee satisfaction and productivity often gives you a good return on investment for business.


When you buy the latest IT devices, you get increased capabilities as a bonus. “New” devices can be easily implemented. But you probably have a “new” concern. What should I do with the equipment being replaced? As we mentioned in one of our previous articles, right actions will save your business money.


Postpone to dispose old computer

In some cases, it is better to keep your devices in reserve. You may need them when other devices are being repaired. You can give them temporarily to new employees.


There is a “rule” that experts offer for businesses.  Keep 5-10% more devices than you really need. For example, if a company employs 100 people, it should keep 5-10 old units in reserve. You need to check them regularly and ensure that they are ready for immediate use if necessary. If the organization is expanding rapidly, which is pretty common in Dallas, these figures may need to be significantly higher.


Donate old computer equipment

Consider donation in Dallas area. A school or other non-profit organization can restore or redistribute your devices for other purposes in their communities. Even if a computer can not process so quickly or run the latest operating system, others can find it useful. Donating may be tax deductible!


Dispose properly

Of course, you need to dispose old systems in a carefully prescribed manner. E-cycling is not only the last “green” trend, but also a clearly defined process required by the federal government, as well as some state and local structures.

Some electronics (for example, computer monitors, tablets, cell phones and other mobile devices) are “dangerous” in accordance with US law. So, companies need to remove and document them properly to avoid violations and penalties. You may get significant penalties if you simply drop old computers into standard trash can.


Sure, your business can independently manage the disposal of electronics. But understanding the various rules regarding electronic waste and e-cycling for each state, county and local municipality is not easy. Errors can be costly. That is why the removal and processing of computers is usually provided by professionals.


If you need help you can always rely on your Technology Advisor in Dallas area.