Managed IT Services 10 questions

If you are considering hiring a managed IT services company in Dallas, then be sure to ask these 10 questions before you sign the dotted line:

1. Can you advise us on purchasing decisions? 

Besides maintenance tasks, you want an IT consultancy that can give you the strategic advice that you need to meet your business goals while staying within budget

2. Do you offer on site and after hours support? 

Depending on your business needs, you might need IT support in your office or after hours. Make sure that this is part of your service level agreement with the managed IT services provider.

3. What are your response times? 

Businesses can no longer afford unnecessary downtime due to email issues, internet connectivity problems or corrupt data. Find out what their guidelines are regarding response times.

4. What level of experience do your staff have? 

While an experienced IT manager might be pitching to your company, it’s possible that the people you will be dealing with are much younger service technicians. Find out what experience and qualifications the company requires from their support staff.

5. How long have you been in business? 

Companies with a long history in the industry have the experience you need.

6. What type of disaster recovery and backup solutions do you offer? 

Most businesses need a contingency plan, and your managed IT services provider should ideally be able to offer a range of services in this regard.

7. What type of proactive maintenance do you do? 

It’s one thing to remotely monitor a network for system failures, and a completely different solution to proactively monitor networking components, disk space and computers to pick up on small issues before it escalates into bigger problems. Make sure the managed IT services provider can offer you both services.

8. Will you manage our IT documentation for us? 

IT documentation, such as warranties, software licenses, user information, and passwords, can become a mammoth task. Find out if they will gather and manage this information for you (while give you full access to all the details as well).

9. Are you familiar with our business applications?

Some IT consultancies specialize in certain industries. Make sure they are familiar with and have experience with the business applications that your business uses.

10. Can you clearly define all the services that are included in our plan? 

Make sure that everything from onsite support and after hours support to infrastructure upgrades, data migrations, PC replacements and cabling solutions are defined in the plan.

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