The world’s shared vocabulary grew in 2020, as formerly inscrutable acronyms such as COVID, WHO, PPE, N-95 emerged to frame a catastrophe and redefine how the world’s businesses operate. No one could have ever imagined the impact. Yet looking back, one of the strategic bright spots for business has been the renewed focus on preparing for (and responding to) unexpected events.

To mitigate potential disasters in the New Year, resolve to examine and explore these business-critical terms. Then contact an expert like TeamLogic IT Plano to roadmap your next steps.

1) BCP–Business Continuity Plan. A comprehensive, formal document that describes how you can rebound and recover rapidly from any dire situation, man-made or otherwise.

2) DRP–Disaster Recovery Plan. A subset of your BCP focused on restoring vital support assets in the shortest time possible, including communications, hardware and IT.

3)BIA–Business Impact Analysis. A component of the BCP that identifies critical and non-critical systems, while detailing consequences, costs and estimated recovery times tied to specific disaster scenarios.

4)RPO–Recovery Point Objective. The point in time past (minutes, hours, days) to which data will be recovered and restored. 

5)RTO–Recovery Time Objective. The point in the future (post-failure) you’re targeting to be up and running again.

6)DRaaS–Disaster Recovery as a Service is third-party solution that uses cloud and on-premise resources to replicate your production infrastructure (processes, data and applications), and back it up onto a dedicated “recovery” infrastructure, to get you back up and running quickly after an outage.  

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