Machine Learning

Moved by high-profile events, such as the Equifax breach and others, senior executives are acknowledging cybersecurity’s indispensable role in their digital business strategy, and thus, greatly upping support for IT and security teams. That’s Trend Number One from a recent study released by Gartner, which also includes:

2) The rise of Machine Learning. ML will continue to provide value in narrow, well-defined tasks. By 2025, its pairing with security technology will be the new normal, Gartner says, as companies use ML to address such issues as insider threats and adaptive authentication.

3) The impact of mandates. The Cambridge Analytical scandal and others highlight the risks inherent in handling customer data. Looking ahead, Gartner advises companies to develop full data management programs–not just those centered on compliance–because “The legal and regulatory environment [e.g. the EU’s GDPR] is getting even more complex.” Other Gartner-reported trends to put on your radar:

4) The emergence of cloud-based, near real-time security;

5) New threats to centralized cloud architecture, and

6) Geopolitical risks in future security and infrastructure purchases.