How to Trust No One in Cyberspace

CSO Magazine columnist Mary K. Pratt describes “Zero Trust” as a “security concept centered on the belief that organizations should not automatically trust anything inside or outside [their] perimeters and instead must verify anything and everything trying to connect to systems before granting access.”

Why? Per Forrester’s 2021 Zero Trust Playbook: “As you extend your business into the cloud; outfit retail locations with beacons, facial recognition, and mobile point-of-sale solutions; and digitize physical environments with Internet of Things (IoT) components like sensors, telehealth devices, and connected cars, you dramatically expand your potential attack surface. The attack surface constantly changes with the movement of employees, customers, partners and suppliers.”

So, trust no one without iron-clad authentication. No single device. No individual user.

But how? As a leader in your organization your job isn’t guarding network gateways. It’s empowering workers to serve as your business’ frontline cyber defense with smart technology. So, here are policy tips gleaned from Boss Magazine:

  1. Lead the Charge: Zero Trust requires cultural change, and lasting change comes from the top. 
  2. First, Clarify Value: All information is not created equal. What data matters most to your business?
  3. Refine, Don’t Rip & Replace: Yes, some of your tech must change. But odds are much of your existing IT infrastructure just needs tweaking.

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