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A midyear survey by the international IT association ISACA, revealed that nearly half of its 1,200 members polled regard ransomware as a cyber threat that likely will impact their organization in the next 12 months.

Yet, more than a third of those respondents reported their companies had not conducted any ransomware training for staff.

This space typically provides tactical tips for responding to cybersecurity crises: What technologies should you have in place? And how should your IT team prepare for attacks?

But, coping with the rising tide of ransomware – a swell that ISACA’s findings show will almost certainly extend into next year – requires elevating counsel to a strategic level, too. Business IT leaders must contemplate scenarios, map contingencies and shape decisions beyond operational matters, sometimes tackling philosophical issues.

Consider this question: If ransomware strikes our organization, do we pay?

Early this year, executives managing the Colonial Pipeline reportedly authorized a ransom payment exceeding $4.4 million in their efforts to restore the public utility.

Should your leadership team be ready for a proportionate business commitment?

“We don’t want to negotiate with criminals,” said Dustin Brewer, ISACA’s senior director of emerging technology and innovation, when the research was released. “But when you need to get your business back online, a cost/benefit analysis is going to come into play, and a company is going to do what it needs to do to have continuity. Good cyber-hygiene has to be a focus to avoid getting to this point.”

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