Network Vulnerability

If you have a business in Dallas you probably were thinking about network vulnerability and how to identify it. Here are 2 key steps:

1. Online test for network vulnerability

Network vulnerabilities may include unpatched software, open ports and other issues. First of all, you need a full network scanning. It ensures you can inventory everything connected to it. Because even devices may cause weakness for your security.

You should look into a network vulnerability scanner. You can choose among different free and paid-for options. As a rule paid-for versions have more features and provide a decent support.

So what will network vulnerability scanner tell?

It can show you all the IP addresses in use, operating systems, software and open ports. It will make a comparison of what it has discovered with its known vulnerabilities database. You will be able to see your current situation on a risk scale from green to red.

Since you know your business better you may decide whether the detected vulnerabilities are dangerous for you or not. Because you may have done something intentionally even if it’s not good for security reasons.

So what’s next?

You should assess the potential risk to your business from each network vulnerability. Therefore, you need to answer the following questions. What is the likelihood of attacks due to that network vulnerability? How easy will it be to fix if an attack happens. Because some features are easy to fix, and others are more money- and time-consuming.

As a rule, vulnerability scanners get updates when new threats appear.

Nowadays hackers are more effective. Consequently, there is a huge possibility for any business to get attacked.

2. Test penetration

Alright, you found your vulnerabilities. What’s next? Now you should analyze how much threat they bring to your network. Estimate how much damage will you get when your business system will be accessed from outside.

A penetration test is focusing on the amount of risk caused by a particular network vulnerability. Pen testing has something in common with hackers’ job. That’s why we call penetration testers white hat hackers.

As a business owner you should obtain information about potential threats. Consider threats from your inside network as well as public-facing network.

Most likely, hackers will use refined methods and ports to penetrate your system. So, businesses are often advised to hire professionals. Specialists can take care of network security. Nevertheless, we do encourage you to take the first steps by yourself. So you will get an understanding on how to protect your company.

Maybe you feel that your company’s network security is at risk? We can help. Contact TeamLogic IT for a free consultation on network security services in Dallas today.

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