Cyber security

Cyber Security

The biggest cybersecurity concerns for small and medium-sized businesses in the Dallas area are social engineering and the internet of things.

1. Cyber Security Concern #1: Social Engineering

The most dangerous problem is malicious hackers. Because they use our human weaknesses to break defences. The majority of their successful enterprises were realized in social engineering. And even if you are a technology-savvy, one of those phishing attempts can bring you troubles.

Because hackers are improving their art every year, in 2017 it’s hard to detect. So, even expert people are suffering from their manipulations.

Protective technology is always a step behind these attackers’ work. That is why the latest anti-spyware and anti-virus cannot defend you 100 %.

So how can you protect your business? Pay attention to everything: voicemail, emails, friend requests and links. There are hundreds of ways to make you vulnerable.

2. Cyber Security Concern #2: Internet of Things

Another cybersecurity concern is the internet of things. A lot of devices are able to connect directly to the internet through Wi-Fi, wired cable, or Bluetooth. And these devices often keep a lot of information about your business.

So, the internet of things is a huge channel to learn about you. Even if you never wanted to share your information.  Your privacy and security can become vulnerable.

Why does the internet of things cause cybersecurity problems? Because hackers can penetrate your local network. In large companies, there are people responsible for the security of information. Small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford to pay such people.

What are your actions to protect yourself? Always differentiate the business and personal devices. Do not connect your personal devices to your company network. Also, make sure that you register your device with the manufacturer and get updates on a regular basis. Updates can indicate issues and protect you from established threats.

As you know, small businesses operate with small money. That is why the same attack can be ruin for small businesses and just trouble for a big company.  If you are an SMB owner, make sure you evaluate the risk of cybersecurity problems properly.

As we mentioned in our article IT consulting in Dallas can save you a lot of money. Do you have cyber security concerns? Contact us now for free consultation in Dallas.