Network security is no longer a luxury, but a must-have for businesses in Dallas of all types and sizes. Below, we investigate the main reasons why smaller businesses need it, too!

Why Network Security is Essential for Small Business, Too

Are you under the impression that hackers are more inclined to target larger businesses due to the availability of a lot more important data and information? Unfortunately, more often than not, this isn’t the case. In fact, according to research, over 60% of cyber attacks are aimed solely at SMBs! The question is, why? For starters, due to the fact that many owners of smaller businesses are indeed under the impression that network security is not a necessity for their establishments, hackers are targeting them more and more. As a result of this false sense of security and complacency, they have become easy, lucrative targets! Even if they have invested in network security, they will have often opted for the cheapest alternative, meaning that their cyber security is ill-equipped to deal with the technologically advanced approaches that many of these hackers have been trained to put into practice.

Another reason is the fact that smaller businesses have access to the information that the hackers are looking for specifically. In particular, they will often have their clients’ personal details on file, including valuable banking information that definitely shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands!

Finally, hackers are aware that larger businesses will often have stronger firewalls, thus making it more difficult to break into their databases successfully and timeously. Instead, they often seek out more vulnerable targets that will be more worth their while.

Seeing all of these facts proves why all businesses need to start taking network security more seriously and get hold of a company specializing in managed network security services, in order to avoid falling victim.

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