The largest wealth managers do not panic about the recent moves in Dallas stocks. All you need is to find the right investment strategy that works for you. As a matter of fact it has never been easier to access the financial markets from your smartphone. The right app helps you not only to trade, but also to check on your portfolio, or let’s say, find information about Dallas stocks.



Thus TeamLogic IT Plano recommends the most trustworthy and user-friendly investing apps.

TD Ameritrade – to get info about Dallas stocks

They have several applications for monitoring the market and making trades from any device. TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader enables the trading of equities, options, futures and forex. There are integrated live streams from several financial news providers. Therefore the application promotes self educating and research materials reading. Definitely it is good to improve your level of expertise.

Apart from that there is an interactive market calendar. It allows users to learn about the upcoming events. Also there is an opportunity to chat with other traders.

TD Ameritrade has tools to transfer cash and deposit checks by taking the pictures of them with your phone camera. Moreover, it’s so easy to find out market information about any company. All you need to do is just to scan the bar code of a product in a store.

E*Trade Mobile

E*Trade Mobile has a nice interface which is easy to understand. You can quickly locate stocks through a voice search function. E*Trade Mobile, like TD Ameritrade applications, allows you to trade a variety of securities: stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and options. The application shows real-time quotes and news from Morningstar, MarketWatch,, and other sources.

Apart from that, if you install the application you will have a customizable dashboard. There you can save your favorite tools and charts. E*Trade supports any devices, even Apple Watch. Therefore it’s great for those who need to trade stocks on the go.

Bloomberg for Smartphone

First of all it offers a lot of analytical content and unique financial news. From this application you are able to check up-to-the-minute market data. It’s easy to manage your portfolio with the tracking tools provided. Although, it is a free application it has the look and feel of the Bloomberg professional terminal.

Another key point is that the application gives access to all Bloomberg’s comprehensive multimedia news coverage and commentary. In addition it uncovers many world stock markets, bond markets, commodities prices and more.


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