Internet security in Dallas has many vulnerabilities. First thing to remember people are responsible for protecting their own data behind secure passwords. With this in mind here is the application TeamLogic IT Plano recommends.

1Password protects all your important information and passwords. Indeed it’s number 1 necessary application for security and safety reasons. Here is how it works. Basically you only memorize one password. And it gives you access to all the other sensitive information.


Nevertheless there are some competitors offering similar services and you can check them out as well. But in this article we will describe 1Password. Since it has been satisfying our professional and personal needs for a long time.

The strongest system of protection

How can you be sure that the application is reliable? Strong AES-256 encryption protects all your entries at all times.

To unlock 1Password on your mobile device every time you use fingerprint. On your computer it requires master password every time. So it’s kind of a virtual safe where you put everything that should be hidden and protected. And you can reach this safe from any device if you enter your master password.

1Password remembers everything

Obviously with this application you will never forget your passwords. Moreover it is the place where you will keep your bank account number, your credit cards information. Or may be you have the alarm code for your house? Need to have your spouse’s SSN handy? 1Password safely keeps track of them all.

Furthermore you can store everything important for you family members. You may have family or business account. In this case there will be shared and private entries and you decide about it by your own.

In addition there are tags and powerful search to quickly find what you’re looking for on any of your devices.

Save time on the web

1Password has integration with your web browser. That is why you can create passwords, sign in to your online accounts, and even fill in credit cards with one click. There is such option as open and fill a website. Let’s say you need to log in into your twitter on somebody’s device. You open your 1Password and then with one click Twitter will be opened under your account.

Internet security in Dallas and when traveling

In conclusion there is one more cool thing you can do for the purpose of internet security in Dallas or in any other place on earth wherever you travel. Log in to your 1Password account and enable ‘Travel Mode’. This function will completely remove your sensitive data from all your devices. So that you can be sure nobody has access to your information except from you or people you want.

If you need support in any other way with your internet security in Dallas contact your professional advisors at TeamLogic IT.


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