Dallas technology investment is absolutely worthwhile since the city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is exponentially growing.


Dallas technology investment that will take over

In our opinion, over the past decades there have been two main transformative technologies: the personal computer and the internet. And hundreds of thousands of companies were developed around these two technologies. The third one might be blockchain. There will be millions of businesses creating web apps around it.

If you don’t understand blockchain, you should learn about it. It’s more of a philosophy rather than technology. Obviously, Bitcoin is just one application of it.

Together with it you can see a lot of the internet of things (IoT), prescriptive analytics and artificial intelligence in Dallas. All of these technologies are using data and sensors, gathering data and analyzing data at a very fast speed to make decisions. Obviously this is a big wave going forward, here and elsewhere. Whether you’re running a business or investing in technology, it’s something you can’t ignore.

In addition to many startups like Brainspace, there are other companies with large DFW presence. They all are working on artificial intelligence and machine learning projects (Capital One, State Farm, Humana, Thomson Reuters etc.)

Why do investors turn to Dallas?

Dallas is the place where nearly 500 prosperous companies have their headquarters. Moreover it is a city that about 25 billionaires call home. And there are more than 50 colleges and universities producing talented graduates here each year.

Of course there is Fort Worth itself, and many suburbs like Plano, Irving, Frisco, McKinney and several others. As a matter of fact all of them have their own pockets of business activity with both big and small companies.

As can be seen, these towns aren’t a 30-minute walk from each other, rather a 30-minute drive. Under this circumstance there is a fragmentation and it slows things down a little bit. But nevertheless from an entrepreneurial perspective each of these towns is developing their own ecosystems.

An interesting thing is, people don’t identify themselves as being from these towns. The towns now have grown up with lots of infrastructure. And they are hosting a lot of enterprises. Nearly half of DFW area businesses employ less than 50 people. This fact identifies them as small and mid-size companies.

It’s important to realize that DFW area has a combination of all the favorable conditions for business development. By that we mean a low cost of living, no state income tax, a large population, and overall entrepreneurial attitude among the people in DFW.

Dallas technology investment in 2019

The expectation is – Dallas technology investment demand will remain high in 2019. It is easily predicted thanks to a strong local economy and dynamic local development.

Recently the number of investments in Dallas increased. That level of growth is consistent with what we’ve seen across the country.  It’s interesting to observe how institutional and angel investors focus their investments here.


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