We live in a world that is nothing if not ever-changing! Enterprise mobility is yet another trend that has become popular among business owners far and wide. The question is, what is it and how can it benefit YOU? Is it an option for a smaller business in Dallas? We answer your most burning questions below:

  • What is Enterprise Mobility?

The enterprise mobility trend is focused on providing employees with a greater amount of flexibility in terms of where and how they can work. The need to go into the office every day is no longer as urgent as it was ten years ago. With the technology available today, working remotely is not only possible, but it is often more economical and productive. Enterprise mobility refers to making use of managed IT services to provide employees with the opportunity to work from home, their favourite coffee shop – basically, anywhere they feel most comfortable! Mobile devices and cloud services are used to perform and complete most business-related tasks.

  • How it Benefits Small Businesses

Enterprise mobility isn’t reserved for larger businesses! If the right IT consulting company is involved, it promises a variety of benefits for small businesses, too. These benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Enhanced productivity:

With freedom comes increased employee morale. This often leads to much more impressive levels of productivity.

  • Better security:

With the right enterprise mobility solutions, security is improved because all the data that ‘leaves’ the office can be found in the cloud, which has been effectively password controlled.

  • Lower costs:

Yes, there will be an initial upfront fee when it comes to implementing the technology necessary for enterprise mobility. However, the productivity and efficiency gains will inevitably lead to massive savings for the business in the long run.

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