Small business owners are often concerned about keeping operating expenses low, in order to maximize profits so that they can grow their business quickly. One area in which many smaller companies think they can cut costs is IT services – however, ignoring the importance of network security services is a big mistake that can end up costing far more in the long term.

Here are just a few reasons why network security services are vital to small businesses:

Most business owners are not tech-savvy

We live in a digital world and the majority of businesses operate using technology such as email, the internet and computer networks. While small business owners may be proficient in operating the technology they use, most of them lack the expertise and knowledge to set up and maintain the correct security measures to protect their data, making network security services in Dallas essential.

All businesses are at risk of malicious attack

Computer viruses and malware do not discriminate between large and small businesses. If a company’s network is not protected vigilantly by anti-virus and other precautionary measures, all of the company’s data – from emails and ongoing work to confidential client information – is at risk of being hacked or deleted by a malware attack.

Loss of data can destroy a small business

Many large corporations struggle to recover from a major data loss catastrophe, and this is even more true for small businesses. If this happens, and there is no data backup and recovery plan in place, the cost to a company is enormous both in time and actual money. Small businesses with fewer resources at their disposal are unlikely to make it through such an event.

Small businesses rarely have in house IT

Larger companies might have the resources to have their own IT department to manage network security and data backup and recovery services, but small business owners are typically ‘do it yourself’ in this area. This puts small businesses at risk, as network security needs to be managed expertly in order to provide the best protection.

Mobile security is often ignored

With the use of mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets, the day to day running of a business is very flexible. However, these devices also put security at greater risk, as they are not properly secured. When insecure devices connect to a network, they put the network at risk. Network security services managed by a professional company such as Team Logic IT include enterprise mobile security to prevent viruses from slipping through mobile networks.

Network security services save on IT costs

Small business owners are wrong in thinking that network security services are something that they can’t afford. In fact, these services make IT more manageable as costs are predictable in line with a monthly budget. What’s more, a company that is not protected by network security is at high risk and data loss is almost a certainty. The cost of network security services is negligible compared to the financial implications of a network breach.

Team Logic IT offers a variety of managed IT services, including network security, data backup and disaster recovery services in Dallas. For further information on how our expertise and experience can benefit your Plano, TX business, contact us today.