What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services refers to businesses that delegate their IT operations to a third-party service provider, more commonly known as a Managed IT Services Provider.  During their inception, the services offered by these providers were break-fix services; the idea behind these services was that when there was an issue and something broke, a designated provider would be called in an attempt to fix it.  Businesses followed a reactive approach rather than a pro-active approach in handling their internal IT operations. This resulted in a loss of revenue and downtime.  Eventually,  break-fix services evolved into managed services; the purpose of managed services is preventing problems before they occur.  TeamLogic IT Plano offers managed IT services to help your business to remain pro-active in handling your IT operations and minimizing downtime.

The Importance of Managed IT Services

Security Businesses store sensitive information and confidential client data on their network; this is why it’s imperative that data storage is as secure as possible.  A service provider can ensure that your company is protected from outside threats by installing antivirus software and firewalls.   TeamLogic IT Plano can create specialized plans tailored to your specific needs. Total Networks is one of the options you can consider to accomplish this.

Productivity- Spending less time dealing with IT problems can help to increase your company’s general productivity.  Managed IT services can also keep your company’s equipment up to date; this is important because improperly maintained equipment will lose functionality over time and create further delays.  Additionally, these services can recommend the best available software for preventing future problems, helping to increase productivity even further.

Cost Reduction- A common misconception about preventative measures is that they are more costly than break-fix services; it’s simpler to pay for problems as they come than it is to pay a consistent monthly fee.  In reality, most managed services are cheaper than break-fix services.  Network failures, hacking attempts, and data loss are critical and expensive losses.  It’s often too late to fix these problems after they’ve occurred.  In contrast, the monthly fees of managed it services not only prevent these costly problems but also keep your systems up to date in the meantime.

Peace of Mind- Maintaining networks, keeping software up to date, and repetitively doing virus checks can be a time consuming and unwelcome task.  By employing the services of a provider, your company can focus its efforts on its primary goals.  The importance of this is generally understated; disregarding the potential benefits to security and productivity, being able to delegate these services to a provider who is an expert in the field is preferable to having to allocate time and resources doing it yourself.

If you like to learn more about managed IT services or are interested in acquiring the services of a Managed IT Services Provider in Dallas and Plano, you can get further assistance at the TeamLogicIT Plano by contacting us.