Virtual Reality in Dallas businesses appeared to be a great source of money. It’s only the matter of imagination: how far you can go with creating VR that reflects your particular business needs. It should be mentioned, that the same level of popularity was reached by Augmented Reality. The difference between these two technologies is slight. VR uses virtual environment. AR uses your natural environment. Although it puts a layer of virtual information on top of it.


As you can already foresee, VR will change the way people do business. How could virtual reality and other related technologies come into your office? In this article we will give you a couple of ideas.

Virtual Desktop

To use Virtual Desktop you need a head-mounted display. This app makes your Windows desktop floating in space. This technology supports different browsers and different software. For example, Microsoft Office. Furthermore, it will play your video in an unusual manner. It can stretch your desktop almost infinitely. Isn’t it an amazing feature everyone would like to get? Have you ever have been uncomfortable using many opened windows on your PC? If yes, you will be more than happy with Virtual Desktop. Because it allows you to resize windows to incredible proportions, and move them anywhere. If you ever wanted to have a little bit more desktop space, probably this technology is for you.

Virtual Media Player

Using a head-mounted display you can now virtually attend any conference, meeting, seminar, workshop, etc. Because this VR technology allows you to see any 2D video streaming in 3D format, as if you are there in the place. As an example of such application you can check LiveViewRift.

Virtual Phone Booth

Marriott International – a worldwide known hospitality company – successfully uses this VR technology. Designers projected this phone booth specially for the company’s needs – to promote properties. So, when you put on the headset you start to feel like you are there inside. Special temperature controllers in a synergy with the sound system help to achieve this result.

Virtual Testing Facility

Since Ford started to use virtual reality technologies they not only saved millions of dollars but the culture of the entire company has changed. A Ford vehicle cannot go to production today without passing virtual tests in a special testing facility. The company builds fewer real models and more virtual models. Thanks to VR they can create more configurations and choose the best from them without spending money on production of potential options. As a result, virtual reality gives Ford specialists opportunity to work on the same project from different locations without traveling.

Find your way to create virtual reality in Dallas business

It is essential to foresee what technology can better serve your business needs now. Information technologies are developing fast, bringing companies who use it a lot of revenue. Therefore, to be successful you need to integrate the latest technologies into your business. Get help from IT professionals in Dallas.

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