As a technology advisor TeamLogic IT Plano is pleased to share the highlights from the world’s biggest tech show CES-2018, that took place January 9–12, 2018 in Las Vegas. It unveiled the newest technologies. Now these next-generation innovations can bring benefits to businesses and public. Let’s take a look at the ways you can use some CES-2018 tech in Dallas.

Tech Show Highlights


The BecDot – a toy that helps teach vision-impaired kids to read braille. Toddlers with vision impairment often face a problem of having few or no options to learn reading. And it leaves them behind their peers socially and academically. This toy helps them to identify short words at the same time and in much the same way as sighted children.

Plus, kids will likely have fun and enjoy BecDot. Because it has attractive lights and sounds. It’s possible to integrate it with books and lessons. Parents or teachers should definitely consider this useful tool.


Hushme – a mask that lets users make private calls. It’s a Ukranian start-up that got so much popularity at this year tech show. For sure their device will spread all around the world. If you think how often we share sensitive information you will definitely go for it.

There are many cases when we are in an open space office. With this device on you can make a private call in public. This hi-tech face mask muffles the user’s voice while blasting out electronic sounds.


$2,000 Sony’s Aibo is the cutest home robot of the year. The tech dog has cute, glassy OLED eyes and a camera inside its nose, which can act as a webcam for your home when you’re away. It has four microphones to pick up your voice commands.

If you want this artificial intelligence gadget in your home or office you will definitely find out how to apply his capabilities. There are so many different things this robot made from 4000 parts can perform.

Tech Show Highlights part 2


An artificial intelligence-based system spots what you pick up in convenience stores so that you can pay without having to queue at the till. You’ve probably heard about recently opened in the state of Washington Amazon Go – the first store without money and lines. And it is really convenient.

Artificial intelligence-based system makes customer service so much faster and cheaper. So, both sellers and buyers are satisfied.


Casio’s $50,000 Printer Can Turn Paper Into Faux Leather, Wood, and Alligator Skin. It can add 3D textures to your printouts. This huge Japanese machine can really do miracles for many manufacturing businesses. It gives an opportunity to prototype finished objects much cheaper.

The printer allows to avoid cutting and re-wrapping actual fabrics again and again. Because you can make small revisions to a prototype product. This will undoubtedly have a big impact for automakers as they prototype the finished interior of a new vehicle.


Kolibree Magic: a smart toothbrush that uses Augmented Reality to make brushing teeth fun for kids. Your child will use a motion-tracking app. His smartphone’s front-facing camera will put your kid right in the middle of the fun. It comes together with a phone stand. There are 15 different games to choose from. You can watch pirates, princesses, and other fantasy characters.

Another good feature: parents can monitor their children’s brushing routine. From your own smartphone you will see how many times a day your baby is brushing, how fast, and for how long. Do you have concern about over-brushing so far? Relax, the app can only be used three times per day.

Tech Show Highlights part 3


Wireless recharging while on the move. Now it is possible to send the power through the air. And what is the most important – to focus this power on one particular device. Let’s say, on your tablet. This technology now can be built into ceilings, walls, tables, screens and other furniture.

The producers got approval on the technology being absolutely safe for people. If you have accepted wi-fi into your life you shouldn’t have any concerns with wireless recharging in your office.

the wall

Samsung’s “The Wall” is a huge TV. When you see it you understand why it has such a name. Literally, it occupies the whole standard US apartment wall. It’s 4K with individual micro LED pixels. These individual LED elements shine out from the television and create perfect black levels and really excellent color.

Such a huge new tech might be a perfect match for your business office. As it can create a unique atmosphere, present to your clients anything you want to. And also it can serve for your company entertainment and social events.

TeamLogic IT Plano favorites

my duck

My Special Aflac Duck – a comforting soft robot takes the role of caregiver for people fighting cancer. It’s part toy, part robot and part medical device. It has sensors that react to touch, a microphone and light sensor that adapt to different environments and adjust the duck’s behavior. When you hold the duck, it is incredibly life-like with natural movements.

The price for each duck is approximately $200, but Aflac promised to donate these robot companions at no cost to any children newly diagnosed with cancer.


Deepframe AR window you can use at your front desk in the office;) Augmented reality becomes life-sized. If you want a dinosaur to meet and greet your clients or guests, you should definitely buy such window for your front desk. The display was created by a Danish company. It’s a single piece of clear 64-inch glass. It simply reflects an image that’s projected from your television or monitor. All the projections appear as if they are overlaid onto the world around you.

Hopefully we will see more and more inventions from CES-2018 tech in Dallas businesses. It’s obvious that some technologies need an initial investment. But in the end the businesses evolving around high tech get much more revenue.

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